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SoulCollage® is an exhilarating creative process using collage to initiate a conversation with your soul.  It begins with assembling a small collage on a piece of mat board, about the size of a greeting card, using images found in printed materials of all kind.  Continuing with the process leads to the formation of a personal deck of cards, in which each card represents a different aspect of your personality. You could consider it as a personal tarot deck or a kind of art journal.  The best part? It’s simple, easy and requires no experience or art expertise to create an evocative image with deep personal meaning. You will be amazed at how fun and profound it can be to play with paper and glue. I think you will love the card you create …


In this 3 hour workshop we will create one card and learn a way to interact with it.  Please bring a pair of scissors and 3 magazines with lots of colored pictures, to share and cut up, for example: Smithsonian, National Geographic, Oprah, Better Homes and Garden, Cosmo, Vogue, Sunset, Martha Stewart, Southern Living, Glamor, Sports Illustrated, etc.  Flimsy paper magazines like Time or Newsweek don’t work well. I will supply extra images, cards and glue.


Cards from my personal deck representing two aspects of  the  Priestess archetype:

Sacred Presence

I Am One who lays a table for Spirit and invites all who come to share in celebration.

bird buddha 2

I Am One who rides on the coat tails of Spirit, clinging on for dear life, enjoying the ride!











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