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Being a triple Leo, I love performance art and enjoy being on stage.  My passion lies in making connections between seemingly disparate things, situations, people and places.  ‘Context’ could be my middle name.  It what makes me a storyteller.

Words almost always enchant me but I prefer them to tell a story – it’s my favorite form of communication whatever the medium.  Whether it’s a poem, novel, short story, travel memoir or play, I trust that whatever wisdom, information or absurdity I want to relate will embed itself in the bones of the tale and so find its way to you.

The same rules apply to my collage work, behind most of my creations a story glimmers, inviting the viewer to engage.

As priestess I work with ritual, using symbols and gestures to replay creation myths; honoring birth, death, marriage and homecoming as archetypal human stories to be retold again and again.

In every area, the art lies in rearranging the details into new fresh configurations – that’s what I aim for, whatever field I happen to be playing in.

Biographically speaking, I was born an Army Brat in Seattle, Washington.  We moved incessantly (or so it seemed) during my childhood.  I attended eight schools before settling into Penn State for four uninterrupted (if you don’t count marriage and a baby) years.  The man I married at twenty-one remains my husband still, some forty odd years later.  He is a pilot (and fellow Army Brat) so after marriage, toting our two children, we continued our perambulations around the globe, living for three years in South America and seventeen years in the Middle East.  We’ve also lived in many of the fifty states and currently, reside in north Texas.

I’ve been writing for many years – what began as letters evolved gradually into two books of poetry, one travel  memoir, lots of magazine articles, a dozen short stories, three children’s books, two plays and finally a novel.  Images, symbols, words, with their underlying meaning contnue to fascinate me.


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  1. I enjoyed your sharing in We’moon this week about Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. I too had to find it among old, dilapidated buildings in Chicago in the 1980’s but it was well worth it. I so hope to see it again sometime soon at its permanent home in NY.

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