Sitting On The Hag Seat

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A collection of poems depicting an ardent connection with physical, historical and mystical Ireland. Blood feuds, cattle raids, cows, crows, and fearsome goddesses flow through the pages forming themselves into a Celtic lovers’ knot of poetry.

Author’s Notes

In 2014 Stephanie Ladd Anderson sent out a call to join a Priestess Pilgrimage to Ireland.  There are moments in life when I know without question that I should say “yes.”  though having learned to trust this feeling, I would have agreed anyway.  Happily in this case, having previously taken an excellent on-line course from Stephanie at (, I already trusted and appreciated her judgement and execution.  She did not disappoint.  The tour Stephanie put together, guided by Amantha Murphy ( and Rose Mummery exceeded all expectations.  I am exceedingly grateful to all three of them. 

Amantha took us onto the land and opened enough space and time to let us hear its voice.  I came away with an enhanced ability to communicate with our living planet, a skill I now practice every day, wherever I am.  Ireland made it easy.  Magic still rambles through the landscape and stories hover round every wellspring, bush, crag and rill.  The land is beautiful, domesticated and wild, empty and inhabited, tragic and gloriously joyful – it embraces paradox and lets it sing.  I’ll always be grateful to and inspired by Ireland’s myths, landscapes, his/herstories, and all its denizens – animal, vegetable, human and fey.