Reclaiming the Crone

1-3-2010 11;37;12 AM

Reclaiming the Crone


A workshop dedicated to uncovering one of the cultures best kept secrets – the rich, surprising era of freedom, creativity, confidence and deepening spirituality which postdates menopause.   This series of two-hour workshops, meets once a week for six weeks.  Each session will open ceremonially and include a group check-in followed by a brief period instruction and discussion.  The rest of the session will be dedicated to simple hands-on creative projects.  The final week includes a  ceremony to celebrate our self-identity as wise women crones.  After the first meeting, this is a closed group and participants are expected to commit to sharing the entire experience. 

 Week One: Quiddity                                            stages of women

Week Two: Invisibility/Audacity    

Week Three: Eccentricity                                 

Week Four: Authenticity

Week Five: Authority

Week Six: Mastery


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Christine’s Other Books

Pomegranates and Perfume: A Tale of the Magdalene is my first adult novel.  So far my other writing has been fairly eclectic as behooves this insatiably curious elephant’s child.  I’ve written a travel memoir, Motorcycle Dreaming: Riding the ‘Beauty Way’ Backward in Time Across America; two volumes of poetry, The Naked Man and Be a Teller of Tales, and a manual of seasonal rituals, The Celtic Wheel of the Year.  My children’s books include a novel for older middle school readers, Mystery of the Black Madonna, and two chapter books for slightly younger folk, Prickly Predicaments and Prickly Plights.

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